Azureus is taking a huge step

Azureus, one of the most popular BitTorrent clients is planning to add a “content layer”. This integrated platform “should” make it possible to share videos and other large files with friends, family and strangers all around the world.

The Azureus team aims to improve the user experience and make sharing and finding content easier and more interactive.

Azureus founder told Slyck:

“We’re addressing probably the number one complaint we hear about Azureus: ‘ok, I installed the thing, where do I find some good content for it? We are offering high quality and easy to find content, easy to interact with and share, legal to download, guaranteed availability , it is much more than just search.”

The question is: Is this really a step forward or will it only hurt Azureus?

Personally I think it’s a bad one. Azureus is already bloated with features that most users don’t use, this will probably be another one. And where to find torrents? I think a search box will do, like most other clients have.

However, Azureus sees the commercial possibilities for these new features. A lot of companies are struggling to implement BitTorrent into their distribution chain, and if it works out, Azureus could provide this for them. But then another question pops up… What about DRM? According to Slyck that option remains open for now. Although the Azureus team doesn’t like DRM, they can’t promise that their content layer stays DRM free.

“No DRM if we can get away without it, we all hate DRM ourselves.”

Let’s wait and see (and hope for the best). I will certainly hope that they will at least still release a version of Azureus without the content layer in the future.

Azureus will present their ideas and demonstrate this new feature at OnHollywood 2006, May 2 – 4 in Hollywood.


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