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Are you a big fan of Tech TV? If so, you really need to check out the 300+ Tech TV collection torrent. This compilation is probably the most extensive Tech TV collection on BitTorrent

. tech tvAlthough most people probably all shows (the whole 43.8GB), you can always choose to select only the ones you didn’t see, if your client supports selective downloading. So you don’t have to download 43.8 GB in order to watch a 350MB show.

Here it is, after 2 months the first installment is ready. Be sure to tell your friends. It’s huge, 43.8GB! It contains over 300 videos of various TechTV/G4TechTV shows including: The Screen Savers, Call for Help, X-play, Unscrewed, AudioFile, Big Thinkers, Conspiracies, CyberCrime, Extended Play, Eye Drops, FreshGear, GameSpot TV, Internet Tonight, Max Headroom, Silicon Spin, Tech Live, Thunderbirds, and some really old ZDTV shows.


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