Best Torrent Sites: January 2006

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Every month TorrentFreak will put the best BitTorrent sites in the spotlights.

1. proves that a torrent site can be clean, fast and up-to-date all at once. They recently redesigned the site, now using Ajax to speed things up even more. Just a great torrent search engine. Keep it up guyz.

A relatively underrated torrent site. The dedicated team that’s running this site has a heart for the BitTorrent “community”. Godaddy tried to take em down, but they won’t surrender.

Based on the old suprnova code, newnova is becoming one of the most popular torrent sites in less than 4 months.

The most popular torrent site out there. Deserves a place in the top 5 as long as they keep on bringing the good stuff.

Bringing you classic movies without copyright. They serve regular, pda, smartphone, psp and ipod versions. Great idea, crappy design.


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