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We already warned you about Bitroll and Torrent101. Now we would like to introduce TorrentQ, the youngest member of the malicious BitTorrent client family. All three clients are exactly the same, but it seems that the developers just keep renaming their clients, and trying to advertise them on as many torrent sites as they can.

malware torrentq torrent101 bitroll bittorrentThe owner of BTjunkie contacted us earlier this week. He told us that the developers of TorrentQ tried to advertise on his site through Adbrite, but he knows better of course.

Installing one of these clients will result in a hijacked browser and numerous popups. Most experienced BitTorrent users probably wont fall for these clients, and ignore catchy phrases like, “We use unique technology to increase the download speed of your torrents”.

However, people who are new to BitTorrent might accidentally download one of these clients, especially when sites like start to integrate ads for these clients (torrent101 in this case) into their design.

Luckily most BitTorrent site admins refuse to advertise these clients. The Pirate Bay said that they will ban these clients two weeks ago, mininova successfully banned these malicious clients, and BTjunkie wont let them advertise on their site either.

We’ll make a post every time that these guys rename their client, at least Google can warn some people then.


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