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The bassist and vocalist of the band Biohazard says that people who 'steal' media by downloading it are "scumbags" and you better know that if he catches you doing it, he will happily "kick the shit out of you". But the real problem, he says, are BitTorrent sites.


You get the impression that Biohazard frontman-turned-pornstar Evan Seinfeld isn’t going to be releasing any music for free on file-sharing networks in the near future.

In an interview with Metal Edge, the heavily tattooed self-confessed “sexual deviant pervert” doesn’t pull any punches with his views on file-sharing and doesn’t mind threatening file-sharers with physical violence. All in a day’s work for a rock star.

When it was put to Evan that part of his disillusionment with the music industry might be down to downloading, he said:

Downloading free music is stealing. There’s no other way about it. The same people who don’t have the balls to walk into a record store, take things off the shelf, and put it in their pocket because they are afraid that that are going to get busted think nothing about going on line and downloading a band’s music. That’s the way the band makes a living. If you like that band, you shouldn’t download their music for free because it can make the band go out of business. I know it’s not very rock and roll to say that; all the kids are going ‘fuck Metallica, we are going to steal their music.’ OK, how about if the guys from Metallica will go into your father’s hardware store and steal a hammer off the shelf.

Well Evan, file-sharing is generally a civil issue but stealing a hammer is criminal so, ask any file-sharer, Metallica should go to jail, obviously.

So how does the availability of free porn on the Internet affect Evan’s adult movie business?

Well, it cuts into our revenues. We spend a lot of time and money on attorneys and policing the Internet. We employ special technology to make it harder. You will never get rid of theft completely, but we have to do everything we can to prevent it. There should be some honor amongst people. Do people wake up in the morning, look into the mirror, and say, “I steal other people shit all day”? If so, you should know that you are a scumbag, and if I catch you I will kick the shit out of you.

I think most people are aware that porn stars “employ special technology to make it harder” but Evan, please be advised that “kicking the shit” out of people is a criminal offense (even more serious than Metallica’s blatant hammer theft), and punishable by imprisonment. Much more serious than file-sharing.

While actively trying to combat P2P, Evan notes that due to the way it operates, BitTorrent is more legally challenging.

We send out a lot of legal notices and have sued people. But usually by the time we send the letter they have already taken the stuff down. The real problem is these P2P bit torrent sites because the host of the site says they aren’t legally responsible, even though they really are.

Finally, Evan gives us an insight into why he believes people file-share, and suggests that it’s actually ok to “steal” stuff – as long as you do it to someone who can afford it……said the 4 million record selling musician with a $30m porn empire.

….I think the nature of people is that they want to get something over on someone, see what they can get for free. Personally, as a creative guy, [I feel that] it’s wrong. If you are going to steal from someone, steal programs from Microsoft ’cause they can afford it, but don’t steal from creative artists who make movies and music and TV programs for your enjoyment because you become part of the problem. You’re a shoplifter. I know it’s very heavy metal to get shit for free. That’s why there are no more hardcore bands out there anymore. They are all out of business. Are you happy you killed it?

To be fair, it’s not quite dead. Biohazard will have a reunion tour this summer and everyone will be heartened to know that according to Evan, they will only be taking on the “highest paying” work.


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