BitFox Adds BitTorrent Support to Firefox

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BitFox is a Firefox extension that aims to make downloading torrents "as simple as downloading a file over a HTTP or FTP connection." Still under development, BitFox is expected to offer the kind of BitTorrent integration Opera currently has.

bitfox bittorrent firefoxThe aim of BitFox is to make downloading a torrent as easy as downloading a file over HTTP or FTP, right inside your browser. With a large, and ever increasing marketshare, Firefox is the perfect place to introduce new users to the wonders of BitTorrent. Many novice users find the process of downloading and configuring a separate piece of software just to download a certain file complicated.

BitFox is still in the very early stages of development, and not currently available for download. The only way you can install it is from SVN. BitFox makes use of Libtorrent, the open source C++ BitTorrent library that aims to be CPU and memory efficient.

The extension, just like Firefox, is cross-platform and open source. Joshua Hendo, the developer, notes that BitFox has only been tested on Windows and Linux. He also asks anyone interested in contributing to the project to join the bitfox-extension mailing list on Google Groups.


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