Bitlord V2 Released, Now Supports eDonkey

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After 2 years of silence the controversial Bitlord client just rolled out a new version which is not longer based on the BitComet core. The new Bitlord 2.0 Beta is "Vista ready" and one of the first BitTorrent clients to include eDonkey support, thereby allowing its users to download from both networks simultaneously.

bitlordThe 2.0 Beta is built on a new core so there are a few features missing on the BitTorrent side that are being worked on right now. The stable version will probably be ready within 2-3 weeks and includes UPnP support, a torrent creator and RSS Support, among other features.

Bitlord is now developing alongside Iphant which is also a BitTorrent / eDonkey client. The addition of eDonkey support makes it possible to use both networks to download a file which might speed up BitTorrent swarms that have only a few seeders. If the .torrent includes ed2k hash it is downloaded via BitTorrent and eDonkey, if not, it can be joined with the wizard you can find in the file context menu.

The fact that Bitlord is no longer based on BitComet 0.56 which by itself is a great improvement. The client is spyware free but it does contain adware. Currently is has a banner on the bottom of the application, and some advertisement for the Bitlord pro version, which is basically the UseNeXT client that is advertised on many BitTorrent sites.

Throughout its existence Bitlord has always been a controversial client. Like BitComet, Bitlord is banned from quite a few private trackers because it allegedly disobeys the BitTorrent etiquette, and bullies other clients. However, Bitlord is now moving in the right direction and according to the Bitlord developer it should absolutely be accepted by private trackers. We’ll see what the future brings.


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