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If you are lucky enough to have an Ipod video than the following links might grab your interest.

First of all the Videora Ipod converter. The Ipod converter allows you to convert all your regular (pc) video files (avi, mpeg, etc) into the proper video format that your iPod understands. So having all your favorite video’s on your Ipod is just a couple of clicks away. Now the BitTorrent sites.

Ipod video’s are available on all popular torrent sites, but there are a couple of sites that specialize in Ipod compatible content. The biggest site is Podtropolis. Podtropolis offers music video’s, tv-series, movies and music and currently lists 400+ torrents.

Other Ipod torrent sites are,, (login) and These Ipod specific torrent sites are still relatively young and aren’t overloaded with content yet.

(TorrentFreak does NOT suport sites where you have to pay to get access, so don’t ask us to add them)


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