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Some of the largest BitTorrent sites on the web have decided to sell their sites to Searching Unlimited LTD. They will work together in an effort to monetize the BitTorrent search engines, and create more innovative projects.

BitTorrent site swarmBushtorrent, Demonoid, MyBitTorrent, Fenopy, Snarf-it, Torrentportal and Torrentreactor are the sites that have already teamed up so far, and more sites are expected to follow. Searching Unlimited LTD, the parent company is still negotiating with some of the most popular BitTorrent sites that might join in the near future.

John from Searching Unlimited LTD, one of the masterminds behind the project told TorrentFreak that he is happy that he was able to bring these brilliant people together and recruit some of the web’s most gifted engineers.

Although the sites are sold to Searching Unlimited LTD, the site owners stay in charge of daily operation.

John Gotts explained:

All BitTorrent admins who sell their site will own a part of Searching Unlimited LTD, the parent company. However, they all will continue to own and operate the site they sell us. Additionally they will get pay and advertising revenue share of both their old company and any new projects they help create or support.

Gotts added that the great thing about this initiative is the brain trust that they are creating at Searching. “It’s a family of companies, and the huge amount of traffic we generate, together with the genius people who are involved, make it a very powerful family”.

BitTorrent sites make up for a significant portion of the total Web traffic. Teaming up all these high traffic BitTorrent sites (combined with their other projects) will instantly make them a big and powerful player on the online advertising market.

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