BitTorrent Sync 7 Times Faster Than Dropbox

bittorrent-syncBitTorrent Sync is a relatively new tool that allows users to securely sync folders across multiple devices using the BitTorrent protocol.

In terms of functionality it’s comparable to most cloud-based sync tools such as Dropbox, except for the fact that there’s no cloud involved.

Users simply share their files across their own devices, or the devices of people they invite to their private folders.

Combine the above with no limit on file-sizes or bandwidth and the recipe for success is complete.

Today BitTorrent Inc. announces that the number of Sync users doubled over the past month, from 1 to 2 million. In addition, the company claims that its application is 7 times faster than the cloud based Dropbox.

“In internal tests done over a local network, BitTorrent Sync has proven to be up to 7X faster than Dropbox,” The company states.

The results are not coming from the most objective party of course, but many people have indeed found that Sync is much faster than many alternative backup and synchronization tools.

BitTorrent found that BitTorrent is faster than cloud based services


BitTorrent further reports that compared to Dropbox, Sync users transfer more than 40 times as much data.

“Sync is moving over 20 gigabytes per person. And that’s a pretty powerful thing. Dropbox’s cloud-based platform stores less than 0.42 gigabytes per user,” BitTorrent CEO Eric Klinker says.

The fact that there are no storage limits of fees involved probably plays an important role here.

For those who are interested, the latest version of BitTorrent Sync is now available for download here, completely free of charge.


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