Breaking: The Entertainment Industry Is Fabricating Anti-Piracy Research

Breaking news just arrived at the TorrentFreak office.

It appears that a group of deceitful people in the anti-piracy branch have been misleading the public and politician with bogus data and false claims.

Their purpose? To justify their own existence as anti-piracy experts, and to change the laws in their favor.

Of course this isn’t news at all, but it’s good to see that the Aussie newspaper Sydney Morning Herald picked up on our most recent unveiling of yet another scam.

Some good quotes from the article titled “Piracy: are we being conned?” below. Recommended read.

“The main objective is to lobby politicians with this and to scare the public into compliance,” IBRS analyst Guy Cranswick said, adding “the quality of data and analysis is very weak as its political objective is so clear.”

“The reports always headline ‘jobs lost to piracy’, but this has no basis in fact,” EFA chairman Colin Jacobs told SMH in a response.

“The marketers of entertainment should ask themselves – if a quarter of Australian internet users are engaging in unauthorised downloads as they claim, is it because Australians are a bunch of immoral criminals? Or could there be another explanation?” he asked.

“The industry should be embracing the technology to provide a more compelling offering to their Australian customers. Sadly, it seems that innovation is harder than putting lawyers in charge,” Jacobs added.


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