Brein Sues Provider for Hosting BitTorrent Site

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The Dutch anti-piracy organization Brein is suing the web hosting provider of the BitTorrent site because they hosted the site, which is illegal according to Brein. Brein is demanding over $350,000 to cover the loss in expenses.

brein anti piracyInitially the small web hosting company refused to cooperate with Brein in its attempts to take down the BitTorrent site. However, monday evening Brein decided to pay a visit to the hosting company in question, and demanded that they take the site down. The hosting provider finally caved in and decided to cooperate. It summoned the owners of extremepowertorrents and told them to take down the site. Soon after that the site was taken down by its owners.

On we now read:

“Sorry, due to issues with Brein the website won’t be available for a while”

The web hosting company also handed over the name and the address of the owner of the BitTorrent site, but these appeared to be false. Apparently the info from the domain registration database was incorrect. There hosting company had no further information about the site owners, because they paid anonymous. Brein is now arguing that the hosting company is responsible for the losses, and is suing the company for $350,000.

It is funny to see that Brein keeps going after the smaller torrent sites that are hosted in The Netherlands while some of the largest torrent sites are also hosted in The Netherlands. However, most of these sites have good lawyers, and aren’t that easily threatened.


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