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Japanese culture can often prove bewildering to many Westerners but at the same provoke wonder and fascination. So, it may come as no surprise that the unique moment when a movie pirate gets caught camming in a theater by the police is now a novelty to the Japanese. So much so in fact, that they have action figures depicting it - each designed to be worn as accessories.

nomoresTom v Jerry, Batman v The Joker, Xbox v Playstation, Coke v Pepsi, cops v robbers. The list of rivalries in modern culture is a colorful one, with never-ending debates over who or which should come out on top.

In today’s file-sharing world we might think in terms of Kim Dotcom against the U.S. Government or The Pirate Bay v Hollywood, but these copyright-related rivalries mean very little in the East. Indeed, today they have a much bigger battle to contend with. It seems that in the land of the rising sun the players in an anti-piracy campaign run by the movie industry have grown so popular that they have shifted into popular culture.

NO MORE 映画泥棒 (NO MORE Movie Thief) is an anti-piracy ad played in Japanese theaters to advise against the illegal camming of movies. Since its launch in 2007 it has featured two main characters. The first is Camera Otoko (Camera Man), a guy in a black suit with his head replaced by a camcorder. The second, Patrol Lamp Otoko (Patrol Lamp Man), is a blue-suited gentleman with a red flashing police light for a head.


Somewhat unexpectedly (or perhaps not) the odd duo have proven a hit with the Japanese. In addition to inspiring hundreds of pieces of neat and sometimes unsettling artwork they are appearing more and more in popular culture. Even the vibrant Japanese cosplay scene is feeding on their inspiration.


But now, thanks to a great spot by, the latest wave in the NO MORE craze is about to hit the streets. To commemorate the camming phenomenon both characters have been turned into action figurines by toy giant Bandai, each designed to be worn as accessories.

Camera Man escaping from the scene of the crime

Camera Man

Patrol Lamp Man ready to save the movie industry

Camera Man

…and both toys joined together in a Hollywood-pleasing pose

Camera Man

Currently Bandai are offering several different designs for 3024 yen ($28.99) a set, a steal for those with a deep desire to outwardly depict the camming of a movie and ultimately the arrest and imprisonment of the perpetrator. According to Google Translate, they also come with a snack that looks like gum, perfect for those on a diet looking to cut down on theater food bills.

Up next week, Bandai releases action figures of the entire original Pirate Bay crew and a double pack featuring Kim Dotcom versus Chris Dodd. We wish…..


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