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Jesse Alexander, the executive producer of the popular TV-shows 'Heroes' and 'Lost' and Matt Mason, author of 'The Pirate's Dilemma', are working on a new TV-show about piracy. The show will be based on Matt's book, and will show how important pirates are for today's society.

Matt recently told us that he has been working on turning the book into a TV show with Jesse Alexander, the Executive Producer of the popular TV-shows Heroes and Lost. “It all happened a few months back when I was in LA talking to Disney, Matt told TorrentFreak, adding “We are trying to get this made into a 13-part TV show.”

The upcoming show aims to educate people about the history of piracy, and how it shapes our future. Pirates are innovators, they signal market problems and lead the way to new business models. Nevertheless, they are often tagged as thieves. In many cases, piracy is helping old businesses to innovate, and it helps to create new legitimate market spaces.

Here’s a teaser.

You can find Matt’s articles on TorrentFreak here. Also, his book “The Pirate’s Dilemma” is now available as a free download, if you don’t want to pirate a copy.


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