DirectConnect Hub Shutdown By Police

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Just two days after TorrentFreak reported that a clampdown on file-sharing in Italy was looming, reports suggest that police raids have closed down a major DirectConnect hub, netting equipment and the network's major uploaders.

After the Public Prosecutor of Brescia issued search warrants to the Italian Fiscal Police (GdF), a raid was carried out against the DirectConnect hub known as Discotequezone, resulting in its shutdown.

The GdF is a force under the control of the Minister of Economy and Finance and is actually a part of the Italy’s Armed Forces. Supported by the Federation Against Music Piracy (FPM) the raids happened at several locations, targeting equipment and four major uploaders. In total, 11 people have been charged with claimed copyright infringement.

Equipment seized includes 5 servers, 16 computers, 27 external hard discs and more than 1000 DVDRs and CDRs, claimed to contain in excess of 5 terabytes of copyright works.

The site’s homepage reports that the server remains active.


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