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Good Copy Bad Copy is a great documentary discussing the current state of copyright, piracy and free culture. A .torrent can be downloaded over at The Pirate Bay, for free of course.

The film is directed by Andreas Johnsen, Ralf Christensen and Henrik Moltke, and aired on Danish television a few days ago.

Several people are interviewed in the documentary including Lawrence Lessig from Creative Commons, Tiamo and Anakata from The Pirate Bay, mashup artist Danger Mouse, a Russian street pirate, and many others.

Even MPAA CEO Dan Glickman makes an appearance, he briefly comments on their involvement with the raid on The Pirate Bay last year. Glickman also says that he knows that the MPAA will never stop piracy, but that they are trying to make it as difficult and tedious as possible.

We’ve included some short clips from the documentary in this post but I recommend everyone to download the real thing, it’s worth it. Feel free to donate something to the makers of the documentary if you enjoy watching it.


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