Documentary: The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler

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The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler is a TV documentary from 1958, narrated by Westbrook Van Voorhis, that ended up in the public domain. The documentary includes some rare homemade videos shot by Eva Braun, and interviews with his sister Paula Wolf, his driver, and other people that surrounded him.

the secret life of adolf hitlerThe documentary is a sensational piece, which is clearly illustrated by the opening line: “The swastika of the Nazi party… it is gone today, blasted from the earth… but the memory of its evil genius remains.”

The documentary attempts to summarize Hitler’s (secret) life including WWII in only 52 minutes, which is impressive. Most interesting are the interviews with Hitler’s sister, and other people who were close to him.

The historical facts may not always be correct, but the documentary is definitely worth watching if you’re interested in the story behind Adolf Hitler and WWII.

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