Dutch Public TV Channels are going to use BitTorrent

The Dutch pubic TV broadcasting channels (omroep.nl) are going share TV shows using BitTorrent. The deal was announced earlier today on a workshop on P2P TV. They are going to experiment with the new “social” BitTorrent client called Tribler.

tribler deal

Johan Pauwelse (tribler) and William Valkenburg (omroep.nl) shaking hands

Johan Pauwelse, one of Triblers developers said that IPTV should move away from the old fashioned way of distributing files and embrace BitTorrent. William Valkenburg manager of omroep.nl said that the “social” aspect of tribler was essential for the deal. Tribler allows people to maintain buddy lists, and recommend files to friends. Tribler also gives recommendation based on your personal downloading history.

The Dutch public seems to be ready for P2P TV. On the Dutch site uitzendinggemist.nl that currently lists streams of nearly all shows of the public broadcasting channels, 4 million tv-shows were requested in December, compared to 250.000 at the January 2005. The site lists 400.000 shows good for 15 terabyte.

Boing Boing’s Cory Doctorow was also present at the workshop. He praised the Dutch Public Broadcasting Channel and the Tech People for discussing the legal opportunities of P2P technology. “He said: In the US half of the people would have left the room”.

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