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Peer to Peer traffic is increasing according to Cachelogics David Ferguson. Ferguson presented some interesting data during a workshop on P2P TV hosted by Creative Commons earlier today. Tim Kuik, head of Brein, the Dutch anti-piracy organization that took down 6 BitTorrent sites earlier this week listened carefully.

The data:

Between 50 and 65 percent of all download traffic is P2P related.
Between 75 and 90 percent of all upload traffic is P2P related.

And it seems that more people are using p2p today

In 2004 1 CacheLogic-server registered 3 million IP-addresses in 30 days
In 2006 1 CacheLogic-server registered 3 million IP-addresses in 8 days

So what do people download?

61,4 percent video
11,3 percent audio
27,2 percent is games/software/etc.

The average filesize of shared files is 1 gigabyte

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