ExtraTorrent Celebrates 5th Anniversary

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extratorrentExtraTorrent, one of the top torrent sites, turned 5 years old today.

The site has come a long way since it launched in the fall of 2006, and is currently one of the few well moderated torrent sites out there.

ExtraTorrent’s owner told TorrentFreak that the site’s users generate 250 million page views and download 50 million torrents a month.

Most users come from the US, followed by India and the UK.

The site is kept online by 9 servers in total, but this number is bound to go up with the ever increasing visitor count. Below is how the servers are setup.

– 1 firewall + load balancer
– 2 data storages + search index
– 2 main http
– 2 static
– 2 backup servers

In the 5 years the site has been online it gained a strong community, and the site staff is determined to keep it going.

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