Fabchannel experiments with BitTorrent-powered concerts

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Fabchannel has successfully completed an experiment in which they used BitTorrent to stream a live concert. Fabchannel is an award winning music site where you can watch videos of live concerts.

fabchanel BitTorrent streamingEarlier this year Fabchannel won a Webby Award for best music site. They are still adding new features to the site to make it even better. The BitTorrent-powered streaming experiment is a good example of this. Using BitTorrent to stream live concert feeds will dramatically decrease the costs of such a service, because everybody who watches the show will contribute a certain amount of bandwidth.

“If this new technology works well, Fabchannel will not need more expensive datacenters, streaming servers and huge amounts of bandwidth to distribute live webcasts to the fast growing number of Fabchannel visitors from around the world,” says Bauke on the Fabchannel Blog.

Fabchannel used the Tribler BitTorrent client for the experiment. The Tribler team is planning to implement BitTorrent powered streaming service in their client, which could save popular streaming websites like YouTube or Google Video a lot of money. Johan Pouwelse, co-ordinator of the Tribler project told TorrentFreak that they are currently experimenting with “peer assisted” YouTube videos.


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