FBI Ordered to Copy Kim Dotcom Evidence for Possible Return

megaIn New Zealand Kim Dotcom’s legal team continues the battle over data that was seized from his home.

Dotcom’s lawyer previously argued that the FBI illegally took his computers, depriving Megaupload’s founder from using it for his defense.

The defense teams wants this data back as soon as possible, and a recent decision by the New Zealand court makes this possible.

Judge Winkelmann has ordered the FBI to start copying the 150 terabytes of data for a potential handover.

Whether Dotcom will get the data still has to be decided, but the Judge wants it to be ready when that ruling comes in.

The U.S. opposed the handover with FBI agent Michael Postin complaining that the copying could take weeks to complete.

However, Judge Winkelmann responded by saying that the U.S. authorizes have “ample means’ to get it done.


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