File-Sharing Friendly Artist Sells Himself on eBay

Readers will be familiar with musician Dan Bull, the pro-filesharing rap artist who has served up commentary on everything from Lily Allen’s abortive anti-filesharing campaign to the global threat of ACTA.

Following on from a Digital Economy Act protest track commissioned by ISP TalkTalk, Dan has a new idea for bringing music to the public.

“As I believe music should be freely copied by whoever wants it, I was trying to think of other ways artists could make a living and involve new fans,” Dan told TorrentFreak.

“I realised that music ought to go back to how it was before the industry took over – with artists providing a service, not a product.

“So, I have put myself on eBay. With a starting bid of one penny, people have a week to bid to win a fully customised and personalised song written and recorded by myself. On any topic they choose… no matter how obscure or weird.”

The eBay listing can be viewed here.


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