Fleeing Bruno Cam Pirate Breaks Leg Colliding With Police

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Two brothers have been charged by police after allegedly camming the new Bruno movie. The pair aged 21 and 23 were approached by detectives acting on a tipoff. The older brother managed to temporarily escape but the chase ended when his leg was broken after he "collided with a police vehicle".

brunoTwo Martinsville brothers have been charged in connection with the camming of the newly released Bruno movie at a cinema in Manville, United States. The police claim the pair had been recording first run movies and selling the copies on the Internet.

The prosecutor and police announced that Paul Epifan, 23, and his younger brother Timothy Epifan, 21, had both been charged with theft by deception. Paul Epifan was also charged with pirating the movie.

According to the police on Friday July 10th at around 11:00am, detectives from the very serious-sounding Somerset County Prosecutor’s Major Crimes Squad and detectives from the Manville Police Department received information that the brothers were inside Reading Cinema Movie Theatre in Manville, camming the Bruno movie.

As the brothers left the cinema, detectives stopped them and announced that the par were under arrest. Paul Epifan complied without a struggle, but according to the prosecutor Timothy fled and was pursued by police.

During the chase it’s alleged that Timothy pulled a recording device from his waistband and attempted to delete its contents. Then according to the police at least, Timothy then sustained a broken leg when he attempted to “cross between two police vehicles”, causing him to collide with one of them. There is no mention of any police cars “colliding” with him.

On top of his other alleged crimes, Timothy Epifan was also charged with resisting arrest. The pair will appear in court at a later date.


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