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FlixFlux is a relatively unknown BitTorrent site. The site focuses on movie releases and lists box office and DVD rental charts on the frontpage. Just recently FlixFlux added movie trailers to all the titles, pirate friendly, but something the MPAA probably won't appreciate.

flixfluxFlixFlux has a description for every film including the IMDB rating. Additionally, film loving pirates can keep track of their favorite movies on the site. With the recent addition of trailers the site introduced yet another “user friendly” feature.

TorrentFreak had a chance to talk to Ben, the owner of FlixFlux to ask him about his motivation to keep adding such features to his site, he said:

“Basically the whole reason I put FlixFlux together was to make it easy to find decent films to download. It’s not always easy to work out what a film is going to be like just from the plot summary and list of genres. With a trailer though you get a good idea of what a film’s going to be like. So I guess the reason I added them was to make it easier to find decent films to download”

Adding trailers to the site and listing the charts on the frontpage will almost certainly grab the attention of the MPAA. We asked Ben whether he thinks this will make him an easy target for the MPAA.

“It’s up to the users if they want to download the torrents or not, and that may or may not be illegal where they are. What the site provides is a list of box office hits, details about them and a list of available torrents. None of the movies are hosted by me, nor any of the torrents. So hopefully I’ll be safe from the MPAA.”

Easy target or not, FlixFlux will keep indexing the latest movie torrents and introduce more features to the site. “I want to make it even easier to find movies in the future”, Ben says “Instead of just listing the new releases it’d be nice to be able to say “show me a good horror from the last couple of months” or “list any comedy from the last couple of weeks.”

We’ll keep an eye on it.


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