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Mavol, the founder of, who is also the owner of the BitTorrent meta-search engine got screwed over by his (former) webhost. When he was registering the domain for his site, his sneaky webhost, Ryan Porter quietly registered under his own name.

Mavol thought he had registered the domain at ExtremeIS in 2003. In reality, he never owned the domain. When Mavol tried to move the domain to another host, his host simply refused to do so, and eventually kicked Mavol off his servers.

filesharing placeMavol discovered that his webhost, Ryan Porter had registered the domain on his own name back in 2003. Probably tempted by the ad revenue, he now decided to take over the site, and kick its rightful owner out.

“ is now in control and operated by one individual: Ryan Porter. There is no group, in fact there isn’t even a single forum moderator,” Mavol told Zeropaid in an interview. Mavol now decided to revive the old community and website at

Porter is now illegally using the forum software which was licensed to Mavol. Mavol contacted the company where he bought the forum software, and they promised to contact the “new owner” of about this issue.

It is unfortunate to see that all the work that Mavol put in his site over the past three years is being taken away from him by a greedy and selfish webhost: Ryan Porter.


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