FOX Threatens Measures After The Simpsons Movie Leak

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As The Simpsons Movie hits BitTorrent from a Czech source, it's being claimed that the Czech Republic's international reputation has been damaged by the leak. At the same time FOX turns up the rhetoric saying that measures will be taken by the 'tightening up' of movie distribution in the country.


The Czech dubbed version of The Simpsons Movie made it to BitTorrent trackers a few hours after its world premiere, followed by a Pirate Bay celebration. Due to the Czech Republic screening movie premieres on Thursdays, the Czech fans were amongst the first people worldwide to watch the movie.

The Bontonfilm company – the official Czech distributor of the movie – was apparently a bit surprised when a CAM version of the movie made it to various torrent sites including the Czech tracker and Sweden’s The Pirate Bay, just a few hours after its premiere.

As for quality, it’s a typical CAM version. People who have already seen this copy are saying that sound quality is satisfying for a CAM version. However, English speaking citizens are likely to be disappointed, its dubbed in Czech and there are no subtitles.

Representative of Bontonfilm Kristina Maixnerová said: “We’ve received an announcement from Czech Anti-Piracy Union that there has been made a recording of this movie directly in the cinema. At this point, it’s still unclear in which cinema, or who made the recording. As far as we know, this is the first case of this type of leak whatsoever in Czech Republic.” She also said that Bontonfilm will make a prosecution against the unknown offender (John Doe) on Monday.

Apparently, the guys at FOX international didn’t like the work of this unknown Simpsons fan either. As Maixnerová said: “Foreign reputation of Czech republic really suffered due this case. As FOX International stated, this will means tightening the security measures in Czech movie distribution.” Night vision goggles, anyone?

This is not the only piracy controversy to hit the Czech republic recently. A DVDrip of Czech film Vratne Lahve (Empties) leaked to the internet a few days ago. The special watermarked copy was originally sent by the Director of the movie to the Czech Culture Department for the purposes of review. Just after this it started showing up on BitTorrent.

As a Czech Homer Simpson might say: “SáákryÅ¡!”



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