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FrostWire, the completely free alternative to LimeWire (Pro) has added BitTorrent support in its latest release. The release is Linux-only, but Windows and Mac installers are on the way.

In the recent past, both LimeWire and Ares have added BitTorrent support. So, it isn’t unexpected that FrostWire decided to do so as well.

FrostWireThe company is currently offering only an Ubuntu/Debian (.deb) installer, but I assume you could easily convert it to work on any other distribution by installing the ‘alien’ package converter. Information on how to install and use Alien is available here.

BitTorrent has always been extremely simple on Ubuntu, you double-click a .torrent file and it downloads. Period. You aren’t provided with any numbers, stats and the like, just a download box. The FrostWire Developer Blog claims that with the new version, “using BitTorrent has never been easier in Linux.” This is partially true, as you can merely drag a torrent to the FrostWire window and it will start downloading. If you don’t already have FrostWire open, it’s still easier to double-click the file.

Download a torrent in FrostWire from a URLFrostWire also supports downloading a torrent from a URL, instead of a file.

If you’re a Linux user, download and try the new version and leave any feedback/suggestions you might have on this forum thread.


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