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Just a few years ago sharing files on the Internet was cumbersome, slow and often complicated. Not anymore. Today people have thousands of options to send files around, and one click hosting sites are particularly popular. The new sharing platform Fyels.com falls into that category. It is the simplest file-sharing site we've ever encountered, currently without any limits or restrictions.

Day in and day out hundreds of millions of people share files on the Internet. While many use BitTorrent, one click hosting sites like RapidShare and Yousendit have become increasingly popular. A new startup in this area which launched today is Fyels.

Fyels.com is a drag and drop sharing site, meaning that all you have to do to share a file is drop it in your browser window. Although the concept of drag and drop sharing isn’t by any means new, the interface for Fyles is without a doubt the simplest we’ve ever encountered. To get to know more about the concept, we got in touch with the site’s founder Dominic Holland.

“The main reason I created this site, is that as a developer I am often needing to access local files through cloud servers and the fastest method is generally using file sharing sites,” Holland told TorrentFreak. “Although these sites make an extremely simple process extremely convoluted, and waiting times are just a pain in the ass.”

Fyels.com has virtually no restrictions and works out of the box.



After dropping a file onto the site users get a URL they can send to the people they want to share it with. There are no waiting times, no speed-limits and no restrictions other than a 2GB file-size limit. If the site becomes popular Holland could monetize it through ads to pay for expenses, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon we were told.

“This service is designed for extremely fast and absolutely easy file-sharing. Whether it becomes a much loved public product that needs monetization is to be seen, but I know that for my purposes this site is absolutely perfect, and if it pans out to be that way for others then great,” he said.

The core idea behind Fyels will always be to make sharing as easy and convenient as possible, without having to sign up for an account or buy credits. Aside from some minor tweaks there are no major changes planned, but depending on how the public reacts additional features such as image viewing, mp3 streaming, and video playback may be implemented.

Holland ensured us, however, that any changes and upgrades to Fyels will be made while keeping absolute ‘simplicity’ and ‘minimalism’ in mind.

Note: wile testing we ran into a few upload problems (files not completing), but we were told that everything’s working as it should now.


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