Godaddy attacks Torrent sites

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UPDATE: Thanks to all our (m-ook) readers and the readers on Digg and other blogs (TorrentFreak) for your support!

A rep from GoDaddy has Called and “cleared up the misunderstanding” they Will restart the DNS services for and allow MyBitTorrent to freely transfer to another registry of their choice. Again the power of Blogging has prevailed! *** Godaddy did the right thing!

M-ook writes that Godaddy (domain registrar) started to ban BitTorrent sites. With more than 1000 registered torrent sites, godaddy is a big player in the domain market. The first site they banned is MyBitTorrent (the suspension letter), they are even holding the domain in question.

MyBitTorrent can be reclaimed by paying 50$ as the suspension letter states

If you wish to transfer your domain name to another registrar, we first require that you pay a $50 administration fee before your domain name can be transferred.

The next step could be mininova, isohunt or torrentspy. These three belong to the biggest (torrent) site on the web and are all registered with godaddy.

Will this be the new “war on BitTorrent”?


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