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The first English Gulliver's Travels cartoon is now available on BitTorrent. The cartoon is produced by Fleischer Studios Inc for Paramount Pictures, and has fallen in the public domain which means that there are no copyright restrictions.

gulliver's travels BitTorrent downloadThe classic cartoon based on Jonathan Swift’s famous novel was originally released in movie theaters in 1939. The cartoon is a satire on religion, the European government, and human nature in general.

The cartoon consists of four parts in which Gulliver travels to:

  • Part 1: Lilliput
  • Part 2: Brobdingnag
  • Part 3: Laputa, Balnibarbi, Glubdubdribb, Luggnagg and Japan
  • Part 4: The Country of the Houyhnhnms
  • It is interesting to note that Gulliver’s Travels introduced the word “Yahoo” into the English language. A yahoo is a thug or a savage creature. It was only was much later that the similarly named search engine came to be. ;)

    Download Gulliver’s Travels or watch it on Google Video. More formats available at Publicdomaintorrents.

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