Hackers Deface LeaseWeb Website, Suggest Customers Are Compromised Too

The homepage of LeaseWeb, one of the worlds largest hosting providers, has been defaced by the KDMS Team.

“Who Are You ? Who is but the form following the function of what and what are you is a hosting company with no security,” is the message visitors to Leaseweb.com now see.

The hackers suggest that in addition to defacing LeaseWeb’s homepage, the security breach also affects the hosting provider’s customers.

“Do You Know What That Means ? We Owned All Of Your Hosted Sites. Index On Your Site Is The Prove ;)”

The deface doesn’t show up for everyone. Through Google DNS the regular LeaseWeb site still appears, which might mean that the hack is DNS related.

TorrentFreak sent LeaseWeb counsel Alex de Joode a request for comment via email, but we received a “550 No Such User Here” error in reply. This suggests that the hack may have affected Leaseweb’s email server as well.

It’s unclear whether the data of Leaseweb’s customers, which includes many file-sharing site, has indeed been compromised.



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