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I have NO words to describe the RIAA's latest actions.

Targeting children, single mothers, and other people who have no clue what they did wrong. The RIAA precisely selects its prey, the less money, the better. Everything that’s vulnerable is perfect. Completely ignorant to the fact that peoples lives are completely RUINED.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating piracy here, I just want people to know that the RIAA is acting totally out of line here. Come on, how low can they get?

Most victims have absolutely NO clue, hardly know how a computer works, have NO money to fight back, and have NO life left.

To illustrate how desperate people get, read this email that Ray Beckerman, who’s representing a number of RIAA victims, received from the father of one the RIAA’s latest victims.

I am being sued by the RIAA for copyright infringement, and the case has been going on for the past 2 years.

So far they have deposed all 5 of my children, and my wife, and myself. I also had to fill out admissions and interrogatory answers twice so far and they are still not satisfied with my answers. Most of them I answered that I did not know. I did not know, and was completely unaware of whatever the RIAA is claiming happened. My responses were honest, but that was not good enough for them.

I am defending myself in this case because I can’t afford a lawyer, and it’s hard for me to understand all of the paperwork and the rules of the court. The RIAA is on its 6th different group of lawyers. It seems like they are bottom feeders.

I was just in court in Philadelphia with the RIAA’s Philadelphia representative.

I had been called into court by the judge, Judge Cynthia Rufe, because I had not responded to the RIAA’s second motion to compel even more discovery.

The judge gave me additional time to send in the paperwork, and stated that she intends to set up a trial date sometime in May.

The real shame is that I had no knowledge of any of this until I was served in the mail. Apparently my daughter who was 12 years old at the time had been listening to music on Kazaa

I do not even know how it got on the computer.

I know that I didn’t do anything wrong and I am going to defend myself, but I’m scared to death of the outcome.

You can HELP!, support the battle by donating to the Fight Goliath Fund

Patti is the New York working mother with five children who’s decided she’s not caving in to Sony BMG, Vivendi Universal, Warner Music or EMI, the multi-billion-dollar members of the Organized Music cartel which has been trying to extort ‘settlement’ money from her, and more than 17,000 others like her, including school kids.

Help Patti take on Organized Music on and ultimately, it’ll help everyone around the world.

Donate using this button if you want to help. Let’s Do something, every 50cent is worth it.

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