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Different countries, different p2p preferences. Singapore has the highest percentage of BitTorrent users, the US has the most Gnutella fans, and South Korea is totally hooked on eDonkey.

Cachelogic studies p2p trends and traffic, the following data were presented at a Creative Commons P2P-TV workshop by David Ferguson.

(link to the powerpoint presentation)

Country P2P Preferences


What do people share?

So what do people share?

61,4 percent video
11,3 percent audio
27,2 percent is games/software/etc.

Note that in general video files are larger on average, so people don’t download more video’s, it just generates more traffic.

The average filesize of shared files is 1 gigabyte

p2p traffic formats

What about the Traffic?

As you can see, by the end of 2002 (when BitTiorrent was created ;) ) P2P became responsible for more than 50% of all the traffic on the net.

traffic trend

And p2p traffic continued to grow:

In 2004 1 CacheLogic-server registered 3 million IP-addresses in 30 days
In 2006 1 CacheLogic-server registered 3 million IP-addresses in 8 days

This indicated that the users of p2p networks increased almost 400%


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