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Just last week, multi-talented entertainer and general all round good guy Stephen Fry confirmed what everyone had secretly hoped he would, that he pirates TV shows with BitTorrent. Now, to immortalize those momentous occasions, a new game featuring Fry himself has been released entitled 'Stephen Fry and The Quantum of Torrents.'

Last week Stephen Fry admitted to downloading TV shows for free using BitTorrent. Speaking at the iTunes Festival in London, Fry told the gathered audience that he previously downloaded episodes of 24 and the series finale of House, starring his former comedy partner Hugh Laurie.

Fry also took the opportunity to have a swipe at the music industry and criticize the Digital Britain report. But enough of the boring stuff already.

Stephen’s antics haven’t gone unnoticed by Glasgow based games design company, T-Enterprise. Inspired by Stephen’s confession, they created a new Flash game entitled Stephen Fry and the Quantum of Torrents in which the player takes control of Stephen in his trademark black London taxi, dodging the law and downloading copies of House.

“When I heard about Stephen Fry’s admission of guilt about downloading illegally at the iTunes Festival I could not believe it! Especially not given the fact he was supposed to be speaking out about piracy in the industry!” said T-Enterprise’s Managing Director Sadia Chishti.

“So he had downloaded the rest of the [House] series legally but it seems that there is always the temptation to take the easy route. At least he has admitted it and not gone down the hypocritical one. What a refreshing change…”

The game is available from iTunes for just £9.99.

Yeah, right…. ;)

Full flash game can be played here


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