Infamous Denuvo Cracker Disappears, Site Diverts to Government Portal (Updated)

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Concerns are mounting after Voksi, the infamous games cracker that has hit Denuvo-protected games hard in recent months, disappeared early yesterday. Normally a short hiatus wouldn't result in too much worry but the Bulgarian's site has disappeared too and now diverts to the Ministry of the Interior in Bulgaria.

Late last week, the now-infamous cracker known as Voksi hit the headlines once again after defeating the latest variant of the Denuvo anti-tamper technology.

The 21-year-old Bulgarian has made it a personal mission to bring down the world’s most hated anti-piracy system and regularly sets to work when a protected game is released. Last week’s successful attack on Sonic Mania Plus was an important step but those who know Voksi best understand the guy rarely rests.

Soon after he cracked the Denuvo protection on Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia, the latest updates of Tekken 7 and Injustice 2, and delivered a new crack for Prey and its latest DLC.

“There is no point of using Denuvo anymore,” he told us late last week.

This unprecedented level of activity has led some to joke that Voksi’s not a human but some kind of robot that’s around all the time and doesn’t need to sleep. However, throughout the course of yesterday concerns have been mounting that all is not well in Bulgaria.

Voksi was last seen online very early yesterday morning. He’s not been seen in any of his usual hangouts since and no one we’ve spoken to has heard or seen any news. While this isn’t alarming in itself, other developments seem more serious.

Voksi is the leader of cracking group REVOLT which has its home at the forum. Yesterday and seemingly coinciding with Voksi’s disappearance, the REVOLT forum disappeared without warning. Again, this isn’t extraordinary when taken on its own but real concern is building over what appears to have replaced it.

Instead of being greeted by the familiar forum, visitors to (RVT) are now being redirected to, the domain that identifies the website of Bulgaria’s Ministry of the Interior. Obviously, this link with the authorities is not what most people hope to see when they try to visit Voksi’s home.

Definitely not the Revolt forum

While domain redirects in the case of coordinated anti-piracy busts are fairly common, they are usually more informative than simply linking to the homepage of a government site. They tend to point to a specific message which can be both informative and a means to inform visitors that the game is up.

The way things stand, that doesn’t appear to be the case here. As far as we can see, the Ministry of the Interior site doesn’t carry any message or announcement that can be in anyway connected with some kind of raid or bust so it’s possible that something else is going on.

Previously, the domain pointed to an IP address in Sofia, Bulgaria. Now, however, it redirects to an IP address/server registered to SoftLayer in the United States which appears to be responsible for the redirect to the Ministry of the Interior. When taken together, none of this fits any expected patterns.

TorrentFreak has spoken with individuals concerned about Voksi’s whereabouts but all say (including some close to him) that they have no idea what has happened to him or the Revolt forum. Directly, we have two key ways of contacting the cracker and thus far, neither has been met with any success.

So, for now at least, it looks like a waiting game. We can confirm that Voksi is a real person so it’s possible he’s taken a break from his 24/7 cracking activities to recharge his batteries. Sadly, that doesn’t explain the issue with the forum. Other possibilities are also under consideration, including some kind of hack, hoax, or pending surprise reveal. Only time will tell.

Update: Voksi informs TF that he was raided by Bulgarian cyberpolice following a criminal complaint filed by Denuvo. His cracking days are now officially over. TF will have a more detailed report in the coming hours.


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