International Pro Piracy Collaboration Launched

Earlier today we reported that the Pirate parties are getting more and more popular. Today we found out that a international Pro Piracy Lobby has launched.

pro piracy

So far, this international cooperation consist of the following members:

* ArtiLiberated (Sweden)


* Piratbyrån (Sweden)


* Piratgruppen (Denmark)


* Piratgruppen (Norway)


* The Pirate Bay (Sweden)


from the press release:

Following the raid against the popular file sharing website The Pirate Bay, several Nordic organizations launch the international project The Pro Piracy Lobby. Their aim is to create a common ground for further discussion and cooperation.

РThe interest in file sharing, piracy and the Internet in general increases exponentially each day, says Tobias Andersson from the swedish Piratbyr̴n (The Bureau of Piracy). Pirate groups and parties are being grown as flowers in springtime.

In Scandinavia cooperation across borders has already been fruitful. The swedish Piratbyrån has acted offensively and succeeded in inspiring the startup of both a Danish and a Norwegian Pirate Group. Together with the international file sharing website The Pirate Bay, Scandinavia has established itself as a prominent figure in the debate concerning intellectual property and piracy.

– Together we have accomplished a great foundation for bringing forth critique of the dominant media corporations, says Claus Pedersen from the danish Piratgruppen (The Piracy Group). We have become an important actor in the ongoing debate.

Lately, several actors have entered the international arena. Talks are being held with several independent Pirate Groups, but also piracy has entered the realm of politics. In several European countries, and also the U.S., political parties dedicated to piratism have emerged, inspired by the Swedish Pirate Party.

– We hope to soon present a world wide pirate network, says Tobias Andersson. First and foremost we want to offer our consultive services in starting and operating local groups.



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