International Umbrella for Pirate Parties

Last week we reported that that several pro-piracy organizations launched the international project. Today an international meeting point for pirate-parties was announced.

On their website they state:

Across the world we may have loads of various experiences and ideas, resources that are untapped. This place will hopefully make for a great place to pick up new things, as well as sharing your own tidbits with the rest of us!

You want to start a party, but have no place to recide, to discuss and plan? We’ll provide a section for you under Temporary Country Sections, where you can talk to eachother in your own language until you have everything you need to set something up for yourselves.

If you have ideas of what this place should be like, put them up in the PPI forum!

This will be a work in progress, no doubt, so be patient to start with!


In the aftermath of the Piratebay raid there were pirate parties founded in the USA, France , Italy and Belgium.

PP-international brings pirates with political aspirations together, and provides international support.

Sail on! Arrrrr!



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