John Edwards is Using BitTorrent

John Edwards, one of the democratic presidential candidates in 2004 is using BitTorrent to spread his campaign stuff. Campaigns are pretty expensive, so sharing bandwidth is a good idea.

Edwards is likely to run for President again in 2008, so if you live in the USA, and you want a president that supports BitTorrent, vote for Edwards.

jonh edwards

The campaign movies on Edward’s torrent site are not really spectacular, but it is good to see that he recognizes the power of sharing.

Edwards hosts his files at movedigital, a service that combines .torrent downloads with web-seeding. Movedigital acts as the main seed, but once there are enough seeds and peers around, the bandwidth bill drops. Movedigital is formerly known as Prodigem.

John Edwards Torrents

update: this is not the first time Edwards flirts with a tech crowd


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