Internet Censorship Boosts UK Pirate Party Membership

pp ukAs more UK ISPs implement the court ordered Pirate Bay blockade, the proxy site operated by the local Pirate Party gains more traffic.

It is now among the 1000 most visited sites in the UK. has continued to climb up the [Alexa] rankings of popular sites; we are now at no 737 in the UK, up from 1101 2 weeks ago, and from over 100,000 just a few months ago,” the party announces.

The proxy also boosted interest in the political message of the Pirate Party

“We are seeing a significant uptick in membership and people navigating the rest of the site,” the UK Pirate Party states. “The volume of emails and phone calls into the party has also increased markedly,”

As other Pirate Parties, the UK Pirates fight for an Internet free of censorship and copyright abuse.

“We believe that a free and open Internet is the cornerstone of modern democracy, culture, education and innovation, and we will continue to fight arbitrary censorship and bad lawmaking wherever we see it.”


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