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A Dutch judge ruled that ISP 'KPN' has to hand over the name and address of the admin of to the Piracy watchdog BREIN. is one of the smaller BitTorrent sites, hosted on a private ADSL connection.

brein bittorrent has been temporarily closed for several weeks, due to ‘technical problems’, but announced that it would return as soon as the (BREIN) storm was over. The admins of initially thought that they were safe, and didn’t expect that their ISP would give in to the anti-piracy lobby. However, the present ruling leaves the ISP no other choice than to comply, although they initially refused to cooperate with BREIN.

Yesterday, the judge ruled that KPN has to hand over the name and address of the admin. Additionally, KPN is obliged to take down, in case the site returns in the near future. The judge decided that the Dutchtorrent admin can keep his Internet connection, because this is regarded as a ‘basic human need’.

Judge De Heij further said that the admin willingly facilitated copyright infringement, but that he cannot be held personally responsible for the infringing activities of the users of the site.

It is unclear if BREIN is planning to take legal action against the admin of


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