Journalists Attacked Reporting on BitTorrent Case

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As they stood outside the court waiting for the release of the administrator of Bulgaria's largest BitTorrent site, waiting journalists were kicked and punched, not by some villains - but by official court security guards. Now it's time for the head of court security to face the music.

Eliyan Geshev was the administrator of, Bulgaria’s largest BitTorrent site and one of the ten of most visited sites in the country. He was arrested March 16th for his activities there but was released one day later by order of the Sophia Town Court due to “lack of grounds for his arrest”. In our earlier article we briefly touched on the scuffle outside the Court involving security and reporters.

Reports suggest that Evgeni Tropchev – head of Court Security is to be punished “for his humiliating attitude towards journalists”. Tropchev apparantly turned up to Geshev’s release from Sofia District Court in sportswear whilst “mocking and teasing” the waiting journalists. They were then attacked and beaten by the security guards.

The journalists made contact with the prosecutors office and have issued a complaint.


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