Justin Bieber: Send Me a Pirate Copy of UFC Event

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According to estimates Justin Bieber is worth a cool $110 million, but that didn't stop him from strapping on an eye patch this past weekend. After learning of the huge drama taking place during Saturday's Ultimate Fighting Championship event in Las Vegas, Bieber didn't turn to the UFC's online service to join in. Instead he to took to Twitter to address his 41.5 million Twitter followers in the hope that someone could send him a pirate copy.

bieberboxSinger Justin Bieber is rarely away from controversy. If he’s not turning up late to a concert in London and then insulting the UK, he’s publicly hoping that Anne Frank would have been one of his fans.

Of course, the guy’s young and probably under a lot of pressure, a potent mix, but he should probably pause before he opens his mouth – especially if that mouth is connected to Twitter.

At the time of writing Bieber has an incredible 41.5 million followers, so anything he says is immediately distributed to an audience greater than the entire population of his native Canada. This weekend he managed to put his foot in his mouth yet again.

Bieber’s father Jeremy is a former fighter and in 2011 they were seen together at a UFC event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. That was a good show, but nowhere near as dramatic as this weekend’s event at the same location. Legendary undefeated middleweight champion Anderson Silva decided to clown around in the Octagon and got knocked out for his troubles.

It was a truly unbelievable moment which left those watching in disbelief. However, Bieber wasn’t one of them, which soon become apparent when he took to Twitter after the event had finished. In his infinite wisdom, Bieber took to the micro-blogging service to bag himself a pirate copy.


With near 50,000 retweets it was always likely that the UFC brass would discover that Bieber had incited his fans to commit copyright infringement. It didn’t take long for outspoken UFC boss Dana White to weigh in.

White retweeted Bieber’s request along with some advice. “PPV Justin,” White wrote.


“Oh shit! Dana pissed you trying to bootleg the fight!!! Now the Beliebers vs the UFC fans is on like Donkey Kong!” wrote one excited UFC fan.

“Millionaire can’t even spend $60 on PPV, plus you’re a bitch Bieber. Me and you in the Octagon. Make it happen Dana!” exclaimed another.

By the time Bieber had asked for a pirate copy the event was already over so live PPV wasn’t really an option. Bieber could, however, have jumped over to the UFC site for a replay or failing that, paid a few dollars for access to the archives.

But perhaps grabbing a copy from The Pirate Bay is just way easier?

P.S. (Legal) highlights here Justin ;)


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