Kim Dotcom: Artists Rejoice, Megabox is Not Dead

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Despite the huge upheavals of the last few months, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has announced that his answer to the music industry's outdated business model is coming soon. The Megabox service will shift the balance of power away from multi-billion dollar corporations to the artists who actually make the music. "Artists rejoice. It's coming and it will unchain you," Dotcom says.

December last year, a month before the criminal proceeding against Megaupload became public, Kim Dotcom first revealed his plans to launch a new service to transform the music business.

In a guest post for TorrentFreak, the Megaupload founder described the Megabox project as “..a site that will soon allow artists to sell their creations direct to consumers and allowing artists to keep 90% of earnings.”

“You can expect several Megabox announcements [in 2012] including exclusive deals with artists who are eager to depart from outdated business models,” he added.

When Dotcom and his colleagues were arrested earlier this year, many people believed that the Megabox project would fade away. In fact, some theorized that Megabox was one of the main reasons why the recording labels and by extension the U.S. Government wanted the Megaupload team to fold quickly.

However, Dotcom now reveals that he hasn’t give up on the project. On the contrary.

Megabox is coming soon

megaupload box

On his brand new Twitter account Dotcom shared a picture of Megabox with the message that “it is coming.”

In a phone conversation Dotcom confirmed to TorrentFreak that the project is indeed making progress, and he promised to share further details in the days to come.

It’s certainly not dead, as the major music labels might have hoped.


megaupload box

While waiting for more details on Megabox, there’s plenty of other material to keep the masses entertained.

Dotcom is clearly in fighting mode judging from the stream of tweets he’s been sending out. Aside from the pictures of his wife and kids, the Megaupload founder also shared a preview of his upcoming website featuring the keywords “MPAA”, “Scandal” and “Obama.”

In a previous interview with TorrentFreak, Dotcom already hinted at government corruption.

“This Mega takedown was possible because of corruption on the highest political level, serving the interests of the copyright extremists in Hollywood,” he said. “Mega has become a re-election pawn.”

A recent tweet affirms this belief and shows that Dotcom is keeping a close eye on the relationship between Vice President Joe Biden and his former colleague, MPAA boss Chris Dodd. “Watch out lovebirds! I know what you did,” he notes.


megaupload box

While it’s not clear what Dotcom is getting at exactly, it’s no secret that Dodd and Biden are close friends. Also, U.S. attorney Neil MacBride who’s in charge of prosecuting Megaupload served as chief counsel for Biden when he was senator.

Dotcom did inform TorrentFreak that there’s will be some interesting revelations in the coming weeks. So stay tuned for fresh Megabox news, and a whole lot more.


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