Kim Dotcom Becomes Proud Dad Of Twin Girls

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Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom became the proud father of twin girls this week. The healthy twins are the fourth and fifth children of Dotcom and his wife Mona, who gave birth to the girls at the National Women's Hospital in Auckland. Jokingly, Dotcom instructed hospital personnel to send the placenta to the FBI for forensic analysis.

A month after Kim Dotcom was released from prison on bail, his wife Mona has given birth to healthy twin girls. The twins were born in the National Women’s Hospital in Auckland weighing 2.4kg and 2.8kg.

Dotcom and Mona already had three children – Kimmo, Kaylo and Kobi.

The Megaupload founder was delighted to report the news and the now five-time father proudly posed with the new Dotcoms.

“Two healthy Kiwis were born yesterday. All good,” Dotcom texted TorrentFreak on Friday.

“When they asked me if I would like to keep the placenta (weird question) I said yes, and please send it to the FBI for forensic analysis so they can verify there is no pirate DNA ;-),” he added.

Kim Dotcom and his twin daughters


No names have been mentioned for the latest additions to the Dotcom household, but it’s a safe bet those on the shortlist begin with ‘K’.

Dotcom is currently preparing his defense against the indictment of the US Government, which he says will be “enlightening and maybe entertaining.” More news on this will arrive during the coming week.


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