Kim Dotcom Will Go to the US in Exchange for Legal Funds

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Just hours after his extradition hearing was delayed until 2013, Kim Dotcom is offering the US Government an unusual deal. Growing tired of the "dirty games" being played, Megaupload's founder says he will voluntarily go to the US if he and his colleagues are promised a fair trial and money to pay their legal and living expenses.

mega kimMegaupload founder Kim Dotcom has always been confident that he and his fellow defendants will walk free, if they are given a fair trial.

However, that last part is something he and his lawyers believe the US is trying to prevent. In recent months Megaupload’s legal team has tried to get funds unfrozen so that legal bills can be paid, but thus far without success.

Yesterday, there was yet more bad news when the extradition hearing was delayed from next month till March 2012. This means that even more legal costs will have to be paid in between.

“I have accumulated millions of dollars in legal bills and I haven’t been able to pay a single cent. They just want to hang me out to dry and wait until there is no support left,” Dotcom told NZHerald in a comment.

In an ultimate attempt to speed things up, Dotcom is offering the US Government a remarkable deal. He and his fellow defendants will go to the US voluntarily in exchange for a fair trial, legal funds, and money to pay for personal expenses.

“Hey DOJ, we will go to the US. No need for extradition. We want bail, funds unfrozen for lawyers & living expenses,” Dotcom posted on Twitter.

While this would certainly save the US considerable legal costs, Megaupload’s founder doesn’t think they will respond positively to the offer. By limiting defense funds the US is creating an advantage it doesn’t want to give up.

“They will never agree to this and that is because they can’t win this case and they know that already,” he says.

According to Megaupload’s founder the entire investigation is a gift to Hollywood. Last week Dotcom revealed that Vice President Biden was the person who ordered the Megaupload shutdown and in the coming days he will release a song with a special message for President Obama.


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