Kiwi PM: Kim Dotcom To Be Royal Baby Gift

Any day now there will be a new addition to the British Royal Family. The future heir to the throne, whether male or female, will be showered with gifts – including a rather unusual one if the Prime Minister of New Zealand has his way.

In the days to come the UK’s Duchess of Cambridge, wife to Prince William, will give birth and for the first time the sex of the baby won’t play a part in determining whether he or she will become heir to the throne.

As a private helicopter stands by at RAF Valley in Anglesey to fly Prince William, a search and rescue pilot, to his wife’s side at a moment’s notice, well-wishers are preparing their gifts for the newborn.

It’s expected that world leaders will send generous gifts to the Prince and Duchess, but apparently Kimi Prime Minister John Key has an extra-unusual idea up his sleeve.

“We’re giving them Kim Dotcom,” Mr Key said after a conference today.

While Key is obviously joking (he is joking, right?) it’s interesting to see how much Dotcom has got under his skin.

“First the Prime Minister sold me to Hollywood. Now he’s gifting me to the royal family,” responded Dotcom on Twitter. “I’ll pick palace over prison,” he joked.


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