Lawfirm Which Fought ACS:Law Warns It Has Been Cloned

Lawdit Solicitors, a company which helped dozens of individuals fight off file-sharing piracy accusations from the now-defunct ACS:Law, has warned that its website has been pirated.

“It has been brought to our attention this morning that a replica site has been placed on the internet. The site is as follows;

“The site is identical to save for various pieces of text and the address and contact details having been changed. This website has no connection with Lawdit whatsoever. It is fraudulent,” the company warns.

Lawdit, whose official website can be found here, say they are in the process of having the site taken down.

It is unclear who is behind this website cloning and why, although it seems that attempts to portray Shamas Cheema as an official entity go back to last year, as can be seen from this entry.

The Shamas Cheema domain is WHOIS protected and the physical address they give is not a law firm at all, but an established flooring company which has existed for 40 years.

The UK telephone they provide – 01394 648 443 – goes through to a fully functioning answering system which tries to pass them off as a genuine law firm, but we couldn’t get any sense out of the people at the other end.


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