Young TV-Torrent Tracker Breaks Records

We do not cover many private BitTorrent communities on TorrentFreak, but sometimes one pops up that simply can’t be ignored.

Launched little over a year ago the TV-tracker BroadcasTheNet (BTN) has managed to set several impressive records, while winning the hearts and minds of thousands of TV-enthusiasts.

In its relatively short life the niche tracker has outgrown other prominent TV-torrent communities like BMTV in number of torrents, registered users and peers.

At the time of writing BTN has 23,010 registered users of which roughly a third is active every day. Although the site is invite only, getting one appears to be relatively easy for those who know where to look.

As for the content, BTN currently listed more that 33,391 torrents (downloaded 2,780,614 times), covering 3,916 unique TV-series in total.

Aside from sharing content the site has managed to build a very active community as well. With 6,492 threads and 158,817 posts their forums outdo most of the public BitTorrent forums.

BTN founder AzzA told TorrentFreak that he and his co-founder came up with the idea of BTN to fill a void. They wanted to be the first Gazelle-based TV-torrent tracker without ratio requirements, but with great pre-times.

A few months later this vision was turned into reality, as BTN was born. Fast forward one and a half years and BTN can be considered the largest private TV-torrent community online, making the site’s current status a relatively rare newsworthy event among private trackers.

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