LetMeWatchThis.ch Admin Warns Users Not To Use 1Channel.ch

1Channel is one of the world’s largest streaming movie and TV show portals but at the moment it’s working through a domain crisis. According to an admin, the 1Channel.ch domain has been “compromised”.

Last Friday we posted an update on a problem being faced by 1Channel.ch, a site that’s also known by its former name of LetMeWatchThis.ch.

Both domains used to direct to one site but last week the 1Channel.ch domain stopped working.

“We are having some issues with the 1channel.ch domain, please use letmewatchthis.ch domain in the mean time,” the site said.

Now a more serious problem has raised its head.

The 1Channel.ch domain is now working again and appears to display the correct LetMeWatchThis.ch site. However, on closer inspection it appears that 1Channel.ch now redirects to a clone of LetMeWatchThis, not the real site.

In a further indication that something is wrong, 1Channel’s forum section is not only out of date but whole sections are missing. LetMeWatchThis on the other hand appears to be working just fine.

“Do NOT use 1channel.ch domain, it has been compromised,” warn the operators of LetMeWatchThis.ch.

So, in summary – LetMeWatchThis.ch is now the real site and 1Channel.ch should be considered a fake/clone until further notice – logging in there should be avoided.


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